Monetize Smart

Papaya Gaming creates the right tools for developers
to Enable In-Game Real Money Tournaments

Unlock new revenue streams Boost players loyalty

Unlock new revenue streams

Get Off-The-Shelf Multiplayer and Tournaments Functionality

Activating social integration and tournaments in your game will create a sense of competitiveness among players.

Competitive & social environments are a major motivating catalyst for driving players to buy-in into cash tournaments while adding to the fun.

Unlock a New Source of Revenue for Your Game

Increase your revenues. Let your competitive players deposit money and participate in paid tournaments. Each tournamnet pool is divided among winners depending on the tournament type.

A percentage of the winnings in each tournament will be yours to keep, ultimately boosting your ARPDAU to a new high.

Boost player loyalty

Time for a 7-day Player Retention Boost

Your players will keep re-entering the game to discover their latest victories and defeats.

Moreover, winners will be able to move up the ladder and unlock harder challenges with higher stakes. Losers will be prompted to re-enter for an easier competition.

Legality of Skill Gaming

Games of skill are available on most major media sites like AOL, MSN, and Yahoo, and are complemented by an emerging electronic sports (eSports) industry that lets professional gamers compete in popular video games with real money at stake.

Papaya Gaming supports this trend, providing skill-based multiplayer tournaments in mobile games and letting competitive players win real money. Games powered by the Papaya Gaming platform are games of skill, not chance – making real money tournaments legal in most territories.

Examples of such games are Chess, Casual shooter games, Match 3 games, and many others.

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